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By: steve wasiura Thu, 31 Jan 2013 14:14:33 +0000 is there a classsification of human objectives relating to commerce, that one can use to frame and spark ideas when thinking about entrepreneurial visions?

i.e. a person will always need to receive income to be able to pay for expenses incurred while living, ie having a job, hence a service like

a company will always need to bring in continuous income by persuading shoppers to buy what the company is selling, hence the various advertising channels, print, radio, tv, email, etc?

could you describe the “invention of the internet” as being so innovative it became a major source of job creation, and also a job destroyer to those who withheld information as a source of power? and if so, do those types of innovations occur so infrequently that you can’t depend on them for a nation’s growth? but is the more important point is that the internet enables a platform for job creation in areas of employment that didn’t exist prior to its invention? i
guess what i’m babbling about is how do you understand the shifts that have happened in our work environments, the problems we are facing now, and then be able to extrapolate that into a vision of the future that could be started building today?

i wish i could be in the physical location where you have your mentor groups and bootstrap breakfasts to discuss these ideas. perhaps you know of online forums where this is occurring?

in the larger picture…
if our nation needs to switch from an economy where workers were producing finished goods for sale, to an economy where workers are managing information while cheaper sources of labor do the production, i feel like a large number of non-skilled people will be left out of the game, and they simply don’t have the capacity to re-train and learn a new skill. this will put even more burden on the government to subsidize them and further tax those earning the income. but i’m not trying to start a rant against welfare.

i’m wondering if there will be enough of those info jobs available to employee the majority of the population?

was the only reason those less skilled people doing manual labor production jobs were able to earn a living wage decades ago when US based manufacturing had a higher market share, because of the collective bargaining power of unions forcing the employer to pay the higher wage?

if those jobs have either gone overseas to countries where the cost of labor is cheaper, or been replaced by robots doing the repetative work, are those former workers able to learn a new skill?

is all this latest talk about online education (skillshare etc) the disruption that is needed, or is it a mindset shift that need to take place before the desire to learn a new skill is awakened?

if it is a mindshift needed, who will lead and distribute this paradigm?

i wish i had more time to clean up my writing, but i have to go produce something so i can get paid :)