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By: Johan Glimming Sat, 02 Feb 2013 16:25:49 +0000 We are a high-tech startup Functor AB here in Sweden. We are working with a fusion reactor (largest one in the world, JET outside Oxford) as reference customer and with some very substantial new research and IP behind us.

For us, lean and agile help us to in the business development processes as we grow to being a market leader, as we should based on the disruptive products we have and the vast change they offer to a an area that has not changed much for over forty years, in at least one two possible target subsegments. Indeed, merely saying that we have two target subsegments suggests that lean and customer-development approaches are crucial for our research spinoff. I think in fact that for research spinoffs this kind of thinking is especially important since the technology (methodology, processes, innovations) coming from research can sometimes be disruptive and maybe are the prototypical (but absolutely not the only!) example? (IKEA, also Swedish, is based on innovations in terms of business models, which where truly disruptive, this seems undeniable – distribution chains and much more, also behind e.g. Apple I believe, are also innovations but of a different kind to research, and can be disruptive according to the literature I have digested on the topic to this date at least.)

So, put shortly, we must adapt to the customer needs quickly and the reasoning presented above seems very suitable to being applied to us. Thanks for this blog entry, in other words!

Btw, we are looking for investors right now to really take off. We have 25+ people working although not all actively. We have over eight developers some working well over full time. And we have two products, one with six years of academic development and design behind it before we productified it. (This is the Scalor™ product from us at Functor AB, Kista Sweden.)

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss with me about how to apply the notes on disruptive technologies and emerging and new markets. I would be glad to discuss this topic at a very concrete level with others with same interests to take this into a more detailed level which is not suitable here. I am glimming on Skype and my username on Google Chat/Voice and MSN at (infrastructure being deployed for the latter to work).

By the way I take this opportunity to invite discussion partners via this LinkedIn profile link and even investors here. As an entrepreneur I am not shy to combine more than one thing in one big step. ;-) Else we can communicate with twitter DM’s etc >@glimming or even @functors possibly. Look forward to a fruitful interchange and suggest that we then consider a LinkedIn group to follow thiis up – dedicated to Lean Disruptive Business Development (an open moderated group perhaps?) We always look for partners in general, too. Let me know. If you got here, we might possibly have some common ground or even a shared network actually.

Best R.
Johan Glimming, PhD
CEO at Functor AB

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