SKMurphy Leads and Deals

SKMurphy, Inc. offers customer development services for startup entrepreneurs. We are a small team that provides sound strategy and a workable plan to grow your business. Our focus is on early customers and early revenue for technology and expertise products.


Typical Clients and How We Help Them

We have a process for generating early customers and early revenue. The outcomes our clients receive from our engagements include:

  • methods for reaching high quality leads, cost efficiently
  • ways to nurture leads that are not in pain or in a buying state so that we stay top of mind when they are ready
  • sales and negotiation for closing deals or establishing strategic partnerships
  • customer success to turn happy customers into references for future opportunities

All of this formulates the foundation for a repeatable/scalable revenue process.


Leads are the fuel for your sale machine. Request a briefing to discover the best way for you to generate leads.


Not making your revenue target? We can help you build a repeatable/scalable sales machine.

Sean K. Murphy’s latest books

Working Capital Vol 1
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