Scaling Up Stage

Now is the time to grow a sustainable business in additional niches and expand your customer base. Cash flow has become more stable and predicable. Product development should allow you to broaden your customer base and go after new customers. Customer development relied on more traditional marketing and sales specialists. In the scaling up stage, the team needs to grow from a small set of generalists by adding a collection of specialists. The key challenge is a vision for growth and continued execution. Scaling Up ICON
Key Issues for Founders

  • We cannot do everything, how do we expand the team?
  • We need to add specialists to our core set of generalists.
  • How do we expand our customer base?

Ready for Next Stage:

  • Sustainable business
  • Growth vision
  • ID next niche
  • Plan to expand team

SKMurphy offers:

  • Bootstrappers Breakfast
  • Getting More Customer Workshops
  • Engineering Your Sales Process Workshops
  • Cohan’s Great Demo Workshops
  • Become part of your virtual team
  • Customer development
  • Technology Adoption
  • ID next niche selection
  • Startup advisor

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