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We work with a number of partners to create value for our clients. We take a long-term view of each partnership, believing that establishing close, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners is the best way to give our clients the best service possible.

SKMurphy Partners

SKMurphy Ecosystem Partners

We focus on strategy and business development for technology startups. We’ve been fortunate to develop strong relationships with firms who also serve startups but offer complementary services, as well as firms who focus on larger clients but whose expertise is also of benefit to startups. If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities please contact us.

peter cohan

Peter Cohan

Founder and principal of The Second Derivative

“I first heard Peter Cohan speak in 2005 at a “Great Demo” seminar sponsored by SVPMA. It was an enormously enlightening and energizing experience. I had been scripting and giving demos (and presentations) for more than 20 years and here was an approach that was much better than anything I had seen. It’s taken me a while to make the shift to his methodology but it’s been of considerable benefit in marketing my practice as well helping my clients improve their demos. We are pleased to be able to partner with Peter and offer open seminars for smaller companies and startups: he is a consummate professional who prepares and presents well. What’s most significant is how he models his methodology in the way that he conducts the seminar. It can take an hour or two to sink in that he’s not just telling you: he’s showing directly in the way that he is well prepared, presents on point, and handles questions”

CJ Lipe

CJ Lipe

Founder and principal of Adminologist

CJ provides individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners contract administrative services. She provides cost effective support services either onsite, or offsite as a personal Virtual Assistant. She has over 25 years of experience in the high tech industry as a professional corporate Executive Assistant and brings a broad range of administrative skills to the management of confidential projects with critical deadlines. She is also a certified business meeting and event planner, and organize complex travel arrangements. She has been of incredible assistance helping us to grow the Bootstrapper Breakfasts® and has provided excellent support on a number of our client engagements.

Ed Ipser

Ed Ipser

Founder IpserLab and Lean Culture

We got to know Ed in 1996 when he founded SVASE and was immediately impressed with his approach to business. He has a PhD in computer science and appreciates a good theory, but at the same time is results oriented and quickly looks to applications and experiments to move a new initiative forward. We are excited by what he is attempting with IpserLab as an equitable startup foundry, organizing teams of cofounders who earn equity by launching new startups. And we are happy to support the Cofounder Academy.

Athol Foden

Athol Foden

Founder and principal of BrighterNaming

Athol manages a global naming agency that has considerable experience in naming technology companies and their products. We enjoy working with him because he has a wonderful sense of humor, attacks every challenge with energy and enthusiasm, and understands how to give practical advice to early stage software startups (as well as much larger firms).

CJ Lipe

iMeet Central offers an outstanding application for shared workspaces. We use iMeet Central private workspace in all of our workshops and with many of our clients. Their spaces include wiki functionality, EditGrid, and versioned file storage that help us to reduce the amount of E-mail we exchange with clients, and keep projects organized in a workspace instead of various e-mail inboxes.