Early Customers & Early Revenue

“Early-stage business? Working really hard but aren’t yet getting traction with customers? Wondering why so many of the prospects you talk to just “don’t get it”?

You may need outside guidance to provide critical perspective, a bit of missing process, and occasional coaching to help you secure customers and move your business forward.

I would rather strongly recommend Sean Murphy as your resource to help you address these and other challenges faced in early-stage companies. Why Sean?

  1. He is extremely bright and insightful – and knows how to draw upon and communicate his knowledge and experience to aid his customers.
  2. He understands the gap(s) between “I have a product”… and “Now I have many customers”… and how to close these gaps.
  3. He guides and coaches in accord with his customers’ needs, and their cultural and financial situations.
  4. He is driven by and motivated by mutual success – achievement of his customers’ objectives is his primary goal.

I have worked with Sean during the past 2 years and continue to be impressed (and often amazed) by his actions, his thinking, his commentary, and his work with customers.” September 2, 2007

Peter Cohan, Principal, The Second Derivative

At SKMurphy, we understand the selling process for early stage startups. At SKMurphy we provide strategic advice on company development and customer development. We provide business level metrics for tracking your process.

Call us if people “don’t get what you are trying to sell”, we can help with hands-on sales and marketing support.

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