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Getting More Customers Workbook

At the heart of your startup is a plan to attract new customers and expand your customer base.

Getting More Customers Workbook This playbook helps you:

  • Review a variety of proven marketing techniques.
  • Learn how to select the best two or three methods that fit your unique professional style.
  • Develop a 90-day implementation plan that will get you more customers.

Software Startup Workbook

Mapping the Path from Idea to Revenue

Idea to Revenue Workbook This playbook helps you:

  • Define and understand yourself, your competencies, your product, and your customer.
  • Identify your immediate, mid-term, and long term goals as well as an action plan to reach them.
  • Clarify and clearly state your business model and path to revenue.

Each key concept is presented in a tight, one-page question-and-answer format. This is not about writing volumes and analyzing things that will change tomorrow. It’s about building an actionable plan today. We ask questions and you jot down ideas. Together we refine your ideas, examine your options, and develop your plan for success.

The workbooks (printed and on-line workspace) are available as part of a workshop and/or a consulting arrangement.

“Sean brings a superb array of talents and skills to any situation involving new technologies entering new markets with new value propositions. Not afraid to ask the insightful question, Sean provides insights and approaches based on many years of helping early stage companies and based on years of operations research work in very large organizations.”  Art Monk, General Partner at Meridian Executive Partners

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    […] Our answer is a series of twenty questions that will help you develop and refine your software product idea. See below for the first seven. If you contact us with your answers we will be happy to send you a copy of our workbook with the remaining 13, plus two other tools for planning: “5 Phase Planning” and “7 Layer Business Planning.” […]


  • SKMurphy » 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs Planning a Startup


    […] Our Idea to Revenue workbook has individual worksheets. Each key concept is presented in a tight, one-page question-and-answer format. We also guide you through the process in the Idea to Revenue Workshop. […]


  • Joaquin Martinez


    Hi, I’m from Mexico I once attended to a workshop in Santa Clara TechBA’s office in 2010. I received a copy of your “Getting more customers book” but I lost it, is there anyway to have and on-line copy? I’ll be very glad. It has been very useful.


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