Startup Advisor

Impact Your Bottom Line

How much time, effort and money is it costing you to keep struggling to build your business by yourself?

Gain the advisory board that will keep you focused and on track.

At SKMurphy, we enjoy helping entrepreneurs build businesses. We want to work with small teams who plan to change the world, creating more opportunities than they started with.

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One-on-One Advisory Meetings

We provide one-on-one meetings or phone calls focused on strategic growth and business issues. As an advisor we challenge startups to develop solid market strategies and business model.

Cost: Varies

In SKMurphy’s Mastermind groups, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have the opportunity to present their businesses issues, share referrals, and advise one another in a confidential, supportive environment during two meetings a month. Our groups have a unique high-tech focus and are limited to eight qualified members. Additional off cycle one-on-one meetings are available.

Contact us if you would like to discuss SKMurphy being an advisor for your entrepreneurial adventure. Also check out our groups by attending an free open house.

“Sean has a breadth of knowledge of technology, trends, and business strategy that is very helpful for a small firm. He is an idea generator of the first order. His thinking is practical and inspired: he cuts to the core of a problem. He is open to ideas from anyone on the team and will use them to create a plan for getting customers. Be prepared to use your brain and get down to business with Sean.”

Herb Winsted, Dir. Business Development, Semifore

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