Finding Your Niche Stage

In the finding your niche stage startups have a core set of customers who find a common set of benefits in the product and reference each other’s buy decisions. These product benefits can be separated from the founders and creating new customers is no longer based on the credibility of founders but third-party references. Product features are not driven by key customers but by the common needs of the market niche. The challenge of this stage is getting to a scalable repeatable sales process. Finding Your Niche Icon
Key Issues for Founders

  • We have a handful of customers, but who do we sell to next?
  • How do we insert into our  customer’s business process?

Ready for Next Stage:

  • Repeatable sales process for one niche market



SKMurphy offers:

  • Bootstrappers Breakfast
  • Getting More Customer Workshops
  • Engineering Your Sales Process Workshops
  • Cohan’s Great Demo Workshops
  • Become part of your virtual team
  • Customer development
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  • Niche selection

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