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The EDA Portal Service Has Been Discontinued


Each day you will receive a “Morning Update” listing all the latest EDA information.  We scan thousands of news sources, sites, and blog feeds looking for relevant content. Beyond the “Morning Update” is a powerful portal that allows for knowledge tracking, competitive intelligence, media monitoring, SEO enrichment, and thought leadership. The portal with built-in semantic maps allows you to filter and drill down by company, people, region and subject.

6 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe

  1. Visibility ~ Start your day with the single best “Morning Update” in the industry
  2. Extensive Coverage ~ Unmatched breadth and coverage of relevant EDA content
  3. Time Savings ~ Effective way to stay current. Post are curated and duplicates are eliminated so it only takes a moment to scan a daily email update.
  4. Unique Portal News Tool ~ “Morning Update” email allows drill down to content
  5. Rich Set of Filters & Semantic Maps ~ better than search alone for spot trends and relevant content
  6. Growing Content ~ Number of blogs, press releases, and websites continues to grow

Custom portals available ~ Contact Us

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