Early Customer Stage

This stage is where you develop your first customers. During this stage the founders are the business; the buying process looks more like a hiring decision. First sales are generally to friends who know and trust you. These customers can become reference to future customers. Product development is driven by key customers. Customer development is an ad hoc process. Technology adoption and insertion are usually large challenges. Team is made up of generalists and the business is the founders. Early Customers ICON
Key Issues for Founders

  • How do we find smarter customers?
  • How do we insert into our customers process?

Ready for Next Stage:

  • Handful of (paying) customers



SKMurphy offers:

  • Bootstrappers Breakfast
  • Idea to Revenue Workshops
  • Cohan’s Great Demo Workshops
  • Getting More Customers Workshops
  • Engineering Your Sales Process
  • Finding Partners
  • Become part of your virtual team
  • Customer development
  • Technology Adoption
  • Niche selection

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