Scott Swaaley, Founder & CEO of MAKESafe Tools on SKMurphy’s Mastermind Group

Scott Swaaley: “The SKMurphy mastermind group has been my most consistently useful source of feedback and advice. Everyone knows my history, they have a broad swath of experience, and they help to keep me focused, productive, and moving in the right direction.” […]

Transcript From Elena Krasnoperova’s Learning Hacks for Bootstrappers

The following is an edited transcript of Elena Krasnoperova’s “Learning Hacks for Bootstrappers” briefing at the Bootstrapper Breakfast on Fri-Dec-2-2016. She had a “cheat sheet” she handed out that is interleaved here in her remarks. We have added hyperlinks where they help to clarify or elaborate on her remarks.  […]

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Founder Story: Steven Kim of

An interview with Steven Kim, founder of which provides very well written summaries of business and personal improvement books. I think his summary of the Lean Startup is by far the best and most useful, I profiled it last year in “E-Book Summary for Lean Startup”  […]

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Something Ventured: Make Money and Change the World for the Better

One documentary worth watching to get some context on the history of entrepreneurship and venture capital is “Something Ventured.” It’s a series of interviews with venture capitalists talking about their investments and their risk mitigation strategies in the 1950’s through 1970’s. It’s clear that they paid a lot of attention [...]

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Hard Drive: Seven Practices I Used to Launch a Successful Startup

This article explores the specific experiences of an entrepreneur (who uses the pseudonym “Hard Drive,” a nickname he earned early in his career for his tenacity and decisiveness) and lessons learned bootstrapping a high-tech software as a service business in the social media space. His sustained efforts enabled him to [...]

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Anything You Want By Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers promises that his slim book “Anything You Want” is a one hour read that summarizes 10 years of his entrepreneurial experience into 40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur. It’s a practical book that’s well organized and easy to read. It took me much longer than an [...]

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The Unreasonable Entrepreneur

Unreasonable entrepreneur is almost redundant. By definition entrepreneurs want to change the status quo, offering better products and services as substitutes for established and successful ones. This often requires an unreasonable amount of effort and persistence, sometimes to the point of stubbornness, in the face of not only opposition but [...]

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Men Who Built America

The History Channel’s “Men Who Built America” documentary recaps the history of the creation of key American industries: railroad, steel, petroleum, automobile, and finance. Covering a period from roughly 1850 to World War 2 it offers reenactments of key events in the evolution of American business. It’s worth an entrepreneur’s time to [...]

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