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Lead Generation for Consultants

Recently we spoke on a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business. Sean Murphy and Theresa Shafer talked about building awareness and getting exposure to attract and sell your expertise, services, and products. They explored the techniques for those times when you have less billable work, and also the techniques for when there …

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Maintaining Your Professional Network

Some people are natural connectors. Sean Murphy is one of those. In this video, he shares one of his secret to network maintenance. He frames maintaining your professional network as counting your blessings. Your network is a long-term investment. It takes the time to nurture and grow your relationships.

Lean Canvas Finances

Lean Canvas Finances is part of a five part series by Ed Ipser where he explains how to use the Lean Canvas and what it is good for. Focus Marketing Operation Finances Experimentation In this Lean Canvas – Finance session, Ed Ipser shares how to identify your own revenue and cost structure and how to create …

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5 star rating

Getting More Customers Course Rating and Reviews

Getting More Customers course reviews from past attendees Liked focus on key elements and action items. There was useful information on tools and processes. I learned from listening to other attendees 90 day plans. Specific market identification at the beginning was very useful, as well as having us consider the most effective manner to reach …

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Working Capital Vol1

Download Working Capital Worksheets

Please copy and download the worksheets. Social Capital Worksheet Building a strong social network is critical to every new business. This is the set of business relationships that have been established with customers, partners, suppliers, and prospects. These business relationships enable access to domain experts, introductions to potential cofounders and early employees, and conversations with …

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