ChatGPT Tips Getting the Most Out of the Chatbot

Here are some ChatGPT tips and use cases I’ve gleaned from a year of use for getting the most out of the technology.

ChatGPT Tips Getting the Most Out of the Chatbot

ChatGPT offers a helpful interface that allows users to ask questions and receive answers, a natural approach to discovery and learning that many lost sight of after years of search engines training them to use keywords to find what they need to know. The ChatGPT interface is fluent individuals can start using it immediately has made it easier for individuals to try out the tool, reducing the barrier to entry for those who may not have a strong desire to learn a new AI tool. Chat GPT’s ability to provide a preferred user experience has garnered attention and discussion.

My ChatGPT Use Cases

  1. Summarizing text is primary use case
  2. Helpful for suggesting a draft outline
  3. Helpful for brainstorming ideas

Risks / Warnings

  1. I struggle with getting the right tone for an article or email with ChatGPT
  2. ChatGPT will hallucinate plausible references (see example below)
  3. Beware of leakage of proprietary information – don’t ask for summaries of information intended for confidential briefings or limited circulation

Below are my tips and lessons learned:

Summarizing text is my #1 use

Chat GPT is good at summarizing material. I think that ChatGPT’s real strength is summarizing content for me. I have to summarize my articles for the excerpts or social media posts.

Pick and chose what you use from ChatGPT 

Many things ChatGPT comes up with may be technically true not all of them are ones that you want to highlight or even mention.

Helpful for creating outlines and format for content

While it does not always provide the right information that I want emphasized, ChatGPT will often provide a useful format that I can plug in my examples that I want highlighted. It usually provides a good structure that I can add my stories and personalize to my visitors. Many times I will use the structure and one or two sentences from ChatGPT.

Helpful for brainstorming ideas

Give me 10 title ideas for …

A lot of the time I work on nailing down the right tone of an article or email. In general, I have not found Chat GPT to be helpful for this.

One Word of Caution – Be Restrictive with ChatGPT

Below is an example of how ChatGPT makes things up. See Bye-bye Hallucinations from Libraria

ChatGPT Tips




ChatGPT Tips


The scary thing about the above interaction is that although the citation look real. They do not exist and never have.

Hopefully my use cases and tips help highlight where ChatGPT can provide value over a simple Google search or other tools. I think the test for these technologies is whether they help you get your job done more quickly, more efficiently, or with fewer mistakes.

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