Startup Quotes 2018

Here are two ways to embed slide decks into wordpress blog posts. First, google slides can be published to the web. In some cases, not being able to turn off the auto advance might be a problem for some use cases.   Second, below is the embed from slideshare. ? [...]

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Larry Smith: Fail Fast, Fail Often, and Die

Larry Smith is an Economics Professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo who writes and lectures on Entrepreneurship, innovation, and Technology markets. What follows is part of a conversation he had with Alan Quarry in the AQ’s Blog & Grill series of interviews with entrepreneurs. His key point, that he makes in a somewhat [...]

Webinar Replay: You Need to Be a Little Crazy

This is a webinar replay that was recorded on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 with Massimo Paolini, Miles Kehoe, Dorai Thodla, and Sean Murphy discussing Barry Moltz’s “You Need to Be a Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business.” They share how they personally found the courage to [...]

Webinar Replay: Innovator’s DNA Associating Skill

Panel sessions Feb 22, 2012 on Innovator’s DNA Skill #1 Associating. Terry Frazier of Cognovis, Steve Hogan of Tech-Rx, and Sean Murphy of SKMurphy. Part of the Book Club For Business Impact covered lessons learned applying a number of techniques for associating from chapter 2 of the “Innovator’s DNA” by Jeff [...]

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Chris Yonge on 3D Printing: Past, Present, Future

The following is a guest post by Max Murphy, a mechanical engineering student who is interested in the implications of  3D printing or positive manufacturing for  mechanical design, its synergies with animation, and potential for fostering new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Max is an intern at DreamWorks and returns to his sophomore [...]

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An Entrepreneur Is A Change Agent

I like this 2009 video by Grasshopper "Entrepreneurs Can Change The World" that portrays the entrepreneur as a change agent and celebrates the freedom and economic opportunities that America has traditionally offered immigrants. Here is the transcript from the Grasshopper site with some observations interspersed Do you remember when you [...]

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