Chris Yonge on 3D Printing: Past, Present, Future

The following is a guest post by Max Murphy, a mechanical engineering student who is interested in the implications of  3D printing or positive manufacturing for  mechanical design, its synergies with animation, and potential for fostering new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Max is an intern at DreamWorks and returns to his sophomore [...]

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An Entrepreneur Is A Change Agent

I like this 2009 video by Grasshopper "Entrepreneurs Can Change The World" that portrays the entrepreneur as a change agent and celebrates the freedom and economic opportunities that America has traditionally offered immigrants. Here is the transcript from the Grasshopper site with some observations interspersed Do you remember when you [...]

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Discovery Kanban Allows Firms to Balance Delivery and Discovery

I believe that Patrick Steyaert's Discovery Kanban offers a critical perspective on how large organizations can foster the proliferation of lean innovation methods beyond isolated spike efforts or innovation colonies. I think Patrick Steyaert has come up with an approach that builds on what we have learned from customer development and [...]

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from all of us at SKMurphy! + + + "America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand." Harry S. Truman + + + "Civilization is a movement and not a [...]

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Video from Lean Innovation 101 Talk at SF Bay ACM Nov-20-2013

The video from my "What is Lean--Lean Innovation 101" talk is up: Here is the description for the talk "Lean" provides a scientific approach for creating a product and developing new businesses. Teams can iteratively building products or services to meet the needs of early customers by adopting a combination [...]

Lisa Solomon: Effective Meetings Choose One of Reaching Understanding, Generating Options, or Making Decisions

Lisa Solomon says that an effective meeting can do one–and only one–of 3 things: build a common understanding, generate option, or make decisions. In this talk on “Designing Time: Make Meaning” she elaborates on this and challenges the person calling the meeting to work backward from the end of the [...]

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What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Grand Rapids

In 2011 Newsweek magazine listed Grand Rapids Michigan in the top ten of "America's Dying Cities." Total Population (2009): 193,710 Proportion Under 18 (2009): 24.8% Change in Total Population (2000-2009): -2.1% Change in Residents Under 18 (2000-2009): -2.2 percentage points It was actually syndicated content from Mainstreet's "America's Dying Cities" [...]

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Best Business Book of 2011: The Innovator’s DNA

Or download audio directly: InnovDNAPromo120202 The Innovator’s DNA overview Webinar Sessions covering the Discovery Skills: Associating Questioning Observing Networking Experimenting If you would like to sign up we have a short URL for you, Edited Transcript with Hyperlinks Sean Murphy: This is Sean Murphy for the Book Club for [...]

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Len Sklar: Be Clear About Payment Terms And Consequences

Len Sklar, author "The Check is NOT in the Mail"  has spoken several times at Bootstrapper Breakfasts.  Here is a recent talk he gave where he stresses the importance of putting payment terms and the consequences on non-payment in writing, communicating them in advance, and ensuring that they are understood. [...]

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