Entrepreneurs Cannot Rely on a Cookbook or a Manual

Entrepreneurs starting their first business often hunt for a cookbook of recipes to make sense of a journey that is alternating between bewilderment and frustration. But startups fight for existence in a competitive and evolving environment, where changes in the technical or social substrates can invalidate their strategy or enable [...]

David Telleen-Lawton Presents at Lean Startup Conference 2015

If you missed  The Nitty Gritty of Setting Up Customer Discovery Meetings by David Telleen-Lawton at The Lean Startup Conference 2015, he shared the down and dirty details of setting up meetings for Customer Discovery. Having set hundreds of B2B and B2C discovery meetings over the years, Telleen-Lawton tells how to [...]

Planning and Reflection

Ash Maurya rebooted his blog as “The Space Between”–experimental format where he is exploring the space between ideas–and has offered a number of short reflective posts. Here are excerpts from three where he explores the value of planning and reflection, and the need to prioritize learning over the illusion of [...]

Customer Interviews: Spend an Hour to Save a Minute

For customer interviews we have a rule of thumb that if an hour or research saves a minute early in the conversation it’s a good investment.  When you look at the list of questions you have prepared to learn about the prospect’s business and their needs, it’s easy to say [...]

Tristan Kromer: You Can Tell a Good Advisor by Their Questions

Three interesting answers from Tristan Kromer's interview with the folks at Startup Commons Startup Commons: What's the best way to get started? Tristan Kromer:  Find someone you really want to help. Someone in pain. That's your vision. Helping someone and solving a real problem. Find team members with complementary skill sets [...]

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Video from Lean Innovation 101 Talk at SF Bay ACM Nov-20-2013

The video from my "What is Lean--Lean Innovation 101" talk is up: Here is the description for the talk "Lean" provides a scientific approach for creating a product and developing new businesses. Teams can iteratively building products or services to meet the needs of early customers by adopting a combination [...]

MVP: What’s Really Under Your Control

We use this definition in our "Engineering Your Sales" and "Validating Your MVP" workshops and our MVP clinics. Our focus is on developing and selling products to businesses so that biases the definition a little bit but it's important to remember what's under your control in crafting your MVP: The [...]

Validating Your MVP For B2B Startups at SF Lean Startup Circle Tue-Jun-4

We have been invited back the SF Lean Startup Circle to present our "Validating Your MVP and Value Proposition for B2B Startups" workshop on June 4, starting 5:30pm. This interactive workshop will address: How a B2B startup should think about  message, MVP, and launch. Understand who buys your product and how [...]

Validating Your MVP & Value Proposition at Lean Startup Circle SF Apr-2

Join us in San Francisco for an interactive workshop "Validating your MVP & Value Proposition."  We will cover a variety of proven techniques for validating your MVP & value proposition for B2B startups. When: 5:30-8:30 PM Tue-Apr-2-2013 Where: 1355 Market, Suite 488, San Francisco Cost: $60 This interactive workshop will provide: [...]

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A Conversation With A Bootstrapping EdTech Startup On Customer Interviews

What follows is a sequence of E-mails with an entrepreneur bootstrapping an EdTech startup around the challenges of doing customer interviews that have been recast as a conversation, with the original content edited for length and clarity. Entrepreneur (E): I am working with a couple of friends--we all have day [...]

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