Maintaining Your Professional Network

Some people are natural connectors. Sean Murphy is one of those. In this video, he shares one of his secret to network maintenance. He frames maintaining your professional network as counting your blessings. Your network is a long-term investment. It takes the time to nurture and grow your relationships.

Maintaining Your Professional Network


Writing LinkedIn recommendation is a great way to maintain your professional network. He offers this example for a recommendation for Richard Weber.

Science Fiction author A. E. Van Vogt coined the term “nexialist” and offered the following definition. “Nexialism is the science of joining together in an orderly fashion the knowledge of one field of learning with that of other fields. It provides techniques for speeding up the process of absorbing knowledge and of using effectively what has been learned.”

Richard’s ability to span the boundaries of multiple disciplines–hardware design, firmware development, and system documentation–is a testament to the breadth of his experience and expertise. And like any good nexialist, he has developed tools to make this boundary-spanning easier for others: cutting the time needed to learn how a system works and keeping an engineering team in sync as the design evolves.

Another example is for Travis Johnson.

Travis brings a practical perspective to business startup and new product introduction problems.
He offers technical insights and business model improvement suggestions that are direct and flow from his strong diagnostic skills.

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