At Bootstrappers Breakfast We Help Every Entrepreneur Who Attends to Succeed

The venture capital ecosystem evaluates a large number of startups, makes investments in few percent, and counts on one in ten of those to become a huge success. The Bootstrappers Breakfast welcomes any entrepreneur who is bootstrapping a business and strives to help every entrepreneur who attends to succeed. [...]

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Scott Swaaley, Founder & CEO of MAKESafe Tools on SKMurphy’s Mastermind Group

Scott Swaaley: “The SKMurphy mastermind group has been my most consistently useful source of feedback and advice. Everyone knows my history, they have a broad swath of experience, and they help to keep me focused, productive, and moving in the right direction.” […]

Nature, Technology and Magic

What seems natural, artificial, or supernatural is a function of familiarity. Nature is the background or context for innovation. The challenge is that we live in a world and culture formed by millennia of innovation so that some incredibly advanced technologies seem natural. The difference between technology and magic is [...]

Bay Area Maker Faire 2015

source: Maker Faire This weekend I attended the Bay Area Maker Faire 2015.  New this year was a Startup Pavilion with about 20 companies selling their products and looking for early adopters. Through out the show, I also found many startups looking for support for their kickstarter campaigns. [...]

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Entrepreneurs Focus On Customers Not Startup Mechanics

Excerpts from Paul Grahams’ October 2014 essay “Before the Startup” with commentary interspersed. This essay is in some ways less self-confident than many of his earlier ones. He seems to recognize more explicitly the limits of his ability to offer advice that entrepreneurs in the Y Combinator portfolio–or entrepreneurs applying [...]

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Busyness Won’t Build Your Business

Busyness won't build your business, it closes off your creativity and your luck. Anticipate, or at least acknowledge, missed deadlines and commitments: triage or re-negotiate. Busyness I recently wrote a friend to ask if he wanted to do something this week, and he answered that he didn’t have a lot [...]

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Don’t Waste Time Painting Tom Sawyer’s Fence: Proving Someone Wrong Is A Poor Motivator

Don’t waste time painting Tom Sawyer’s fence: proving someone wrong is actually a poor source of motivation. It’s OK to ignore conventional wisdom, but don’t get trapped into doing someone else’s work (or building their platform) just to prove them wrong. Build something instead of trying to win an argument. [...]

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Improve Your Sales Pitch

Peter Cohan from Second Derivative offers some of the best sales demo/pitch training and hands-on learning that we have seen. So we are honored to offer these interactive workshops to startups. Here is the upcoming schedule: March 5&6, 2014 “Great Demo!” San Jose, CA May 21&22, 2014 “Great Demo!” San [...]

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