Startup Origin Story: Why Did You Start Your Business?

One exercise we find very useful for entrepreneurs is to have them tell their startup origin story.


The best origin stories explain why you started your business.

  • What led you to solve this particular problem for a specific type of customer?
  • What led you to focus on this particular problem with the solution for the customer that you’re aiming at?
  • When did you take an interest in solving the particular problem?
  • As you worked in this area, what have you learned?

Developing and telling your story allows you to summarize what you have learned and your near-term plans so that you can get feedback. Below are some good questions you can ask after you share your origin story to start a conversation and get feedback:

  • Have you experienced this?
  • What is your theory here?
  • What is your model of what’s going on?
  • Why isn’t this working?
  • Why do you believe you are experiencing this problem?
  • What solution are you looking for?
  • What is the nature of the constraints on that solution?
  • If we can help you solve this, what are some key things we need to take care not to break in the process?
  • What would make it more acceptable or less acceptable or unacceptable?

Telling others your origin story, writing it down, and refining it are part of a longer journey of getting your business out of your head and getting it articulated. You can then use it to build a team and to find prospects who may become customers.

Share your startup origin story

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