Katie Munoz on The How of Humor for the Serious Professional

In a recent webinar, Katie Munoz presented how to make your communications entertaining.

  • The Structure of Humor
  • 3 Easy Rules
  • Top Humor Techniques
  • The Essential Element of Humor (It’s not what you think.)

Even a naturally serious person can use humor – no personality transplant required.

In the video below, Katie Munoz shares one humor technique – ranting on a common shared frustration.


Inviting your demoralized team to vent and even rant about their frustrations can be a counterintuitive yet effective approach in certain situations. By allowing your team to go through this process, you are not only providing them with an opportunity to release pent-up frustrations but also fostering a sense of unity and purpose. The humor that arises from shared rants can be a powerful tool for reinvigorating team spirit and motivation. Remember that this approach may not be suitable for all situations, so use your judgment based on your team’s dynamics and the nature of the challenges you’re facing.

More About Katie Munoz

Katie Munoz has been teaching public speakers how to use humor for over 25 years. Formerly a software engineer (BS in Computer Science), Katie is living proof that even a naturally serious person can use humor. Her claim to fame is being the program manager for the very first SDCard driver. These days, she is an award-winning international speaker on the topic of humor. She specializes in monetizing marketing messages, speech writing, and helping clients find their funny bones.

Full webinar

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