How Do I Move From Being Capable to Offering Expert Consulting?

Offering expert consulting means developing a specialization and focus that enable you to execute with distinction. The phrases “finding the niche for your product” and “product market fit” are essentially equivalent. A key definition of a market is that members reference each other’s buy decisions and therefore building up a [...]

The Uncanny Valley of Email Automation

Trust is built over repeated interactions between people. If your business requires long term relationships then you have to make sure that investments in automation are not deployed in a way that undercut your ability to have real conversations. Unfortunately, some uses of email automation tools are pushing sales conversations [...]

Preventing & Managing Challenging Customer Situations

Here are my notes from tonight’s Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA) meeting on “Handling Difficult Client Scenarios in an Agile and Effective Manner.” It was a candid discussion among primarily experienced consultants about real situations that were challenging–and frequently painful. Several good suggestions for preventing and managing challenging customer [...]

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Remarks from “Future of Professional Consulting” at PATCA June-13-2013

PATCA is a non-profit organization created in 1975 specifically to help connect businesses and independent consultants. I was invited to take part in a PACA panel on "The Consulting Landscape: Forward Looking Skills and Practices" on Thursday June 13, 2013. It offered me a chance to clarify my thinking on the [...]

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Reminder: Successful Consulting Engagements With Startups at IEEE-CNSV Tue-May-21

Quick reminder:  I will be moderating a panel on "Successful Consulting Engagements with Startups" at the May 21 IEEE-CNSV meeting. I volunteered to pull this panel together after a long thread on the CNSV e-mail list June about the topic. I have been fortunate to attract three knowledgeable and experienced engineers [...]

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