Managing the Work/Work Balance In Your Consulting Practice Talk Mon-Apr-17

I am giving a short briefing on “Managing the Work/Work Balance In Your Consulting Practice” at the South Bay Consultants Meetup on Mon-Apr-17 at 7:30am.

Managing the Work/Work Balance
In Your Consulting Practice

Allocating Time Between Revenue Generation, Lead Generation, and New Service Development

Work/Work Balance (photo by Andy Brandon)As consultants we need to allocate our time to a number of distinct activities with the three most important being billable work, lead generation, and new capability or new service development.

  • Billable work generates revenue today.
  • Lead generation, whether it’s by what you say, what you write, what others say about you, or getting found when and where prospects are looking, replenishes your pipeline of future business.
  • Developing new capabilities and new services lays the groundwork for increased differentiation of your practice which may allow you to charge more and attract new types of clients.

I will offer some perspectives on how to manage the trade-offs in different allocation strategies, the need to invest some time in lead generation and new capability development even at the expense of some fraction of billable work in a given month, and then lead roundtable discussion on how other consultants analyze their needs and make these tradeoffs in their practice.

This Talk Will Also Be Useful For Entrepreneurs Bootstrapping a Product Startup

Many of the points I will cover will also apply to the case of a team bootstrapping by freelancing or selling services as they develop their product in parallel, or a service firm making the transformation to software enabled services.

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Photo Credit Balance by Andy Brandon.

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