We Recommend Andrew Boer For Your Silicon Valley Live Video Needs

In July of 2014 we were fortunate to be introduced to Andrew Boer by a client who had used him for a video shoot. Since then we have collaborated with him on a number of projects and recommend him for your Silicon Valley live video needs.

Andrew BoerWe Recommend Andrew Boer For Your Silicon Valley Live Video Needs

We have added Andrew Boer of Boer Digital Video Production to our Partners Page to reflect our satisfaction with his work in multiple collaborations over the last two years.

Andrew brings a passion for learning, a commitment to excellence, and more than five years of experience on many levels of video production including broadcast sports, live events, as well as personal/corporate videography. We have worked with him on a number of project and recommend him to clients without reservation for their live video production needs in Silicon Valley.

Video is as Important as PowerPoint or HTML

Content that generates leads and helps to close deals comes in a variety of formats including written (HTML), slides (PowerPoint), audio, and video. For video content Andrew’s camera work, lighting, mike setup, and video editing complement our work developing a script and helping clients to prepare prior to live rehearsal and live shoot.

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