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Finding new clients

How Do I Find Clients For My Consulting Business?

Whether you are just getting started or have done consulting for many years, the best way to find new clients is through referrals. If you have been in business for many years, satisfied customers are a great source of referrals. However, if you are a new consultant, you may have yet to satisfy customers but …

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Lead Generatio

Lead Generation for Consultants

Recently we spoke on a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business. Sean Murphy and Theresa Shafer talked about building awareness and getting exposure to attract and sell your expertise, services, and products. They explored the techniques for those times when you have less billable work, and also the techniques for when there …

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Maintaining Your Professional Network

Some people are natural connectors. Sean Murphy is one of those. In this video, he shares one of his secret to network maintenance. He frames maintaining your professional network as counting your blessings. Your network is a long-term investment. It takes the time to nurture and grow your relationships.

Q: How Do We Get A Business Prospect To Talk To Us?

Each interaction with a  business prospect or a customer has to promise an exchange of value: their time or money for at least the strong possibility of benefit. Many of the startup fantasy camp customer development training models neglect this and teach beginning entrepreneurs to rely on the kindness of strangers. This may work in …

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Getting More Customers Workshop April 23, 2016

We are offering our “Getting More Customers” workshop 9:00am-1:30pm on Sat-Apr-23-16. Spend a morning working on your business with a mix of lecture, discussion with peer entrepreneurs, and reflection and writing. You will leave with a plan for getting the phone to ring and your inbox to fill with inquiries.

Early Sales Efforts Foster Value Co-Creation

Two key tasks we help early stage teams with are preparing for and executing successful negotiations of complex long-term business relationships. These early sales efforts must foster value co-creation with customers because both parties understanding of requirements will continue to evolve as the product is deployed and gains wider use.

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