Newsletter V2021 Issue 4: Shared Situational Awareness

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Situational awareness is knowing what is going on around you. It is important for making deals or getting a team to move fast. Levels of awareness: 

  • Perceiving and communicating the relevant information
  • Forming models and comprehending the relevant information
  • Predicting the future state based on the information perceived and comprehended

Situational awareness is an important prerequisite to identify what needs to be done in order to perform a task in a complex and dynamic environment. 

Technology Adoption Cycle

Markers That Startups Can Use to Identify Early Adopters

Sean Murphy recently explained to a client his perspective on change agents inside a business and the signals that he looks for to identify early adopters.

Be Open Kimono With Partners

The key to establishing a successful partnership is making and meeting commitments in parallel with progressive mutual disclosure, where each party opens up a little more with information and plans that are relevant to shared risks and opportunities. 

Building Situation Awareness – Startups Opportunities

Technology tools that increase situations is one area that we are keeping an eye on for 2022 & 2023. Here is one example that we are excited about that builds situational awareness with hardware engineering teams.

Getting More Customers Bootcamp

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SKMurphy, Inc. offers customer development services for startup entrepreneurs. We help founders generate leads and close deals to grow your business. Our focus is on early customers and early revenue for technology and expertise products.

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