Getting More Customers – A 90-day Plan

Getting More Customers workshopLet’s face it, finding customers can be quite a challenge. In this interactive course, we will cover a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business: attendees will select one or two that fit their style and develop a plan to implement them in their business in the next 90 days.

We will look at the four main ways to find customers and demonstrate your expertise.

  • Speaking – webinars, small groups, large groups, conferences, …
  • Writing – blogging, newsletters, articles, …
  • What other people say about you – referrals, testimonials, case studies, …
  • Getting found when and where buyers are looking: adwords, trade shows, SEO/SEM, …

What past attendees say:

“This workshop provided great material to bounce off of. SKMurphy created a fertile space for me to think about my business and plan a concrete step forward. Thank you.”
Paul Konasewich, Supportive Listening

“I did the program a few years ago and it was great!! VERY useful! Sean and Theresa have made us money :-) ” – Robin Reynolds

“I picked up a number of ideas I can employ. I was impressed. Exercises and group discussion held us accountable, which is good.”

“It’s very direct and to the point with an action plan to follow, keeping it simple.”

Great seminar! this was helpful for me in two ways:

  • It quickly outlined many different techniques that can be used to help attract customers.
  • It “forced” me to sit down and focus on two areas to attack and generate some usable measurable milestones. Thanks!

Coming from a tech background and being new to bizdev areas, this was immensely helpful. I feel empowered!

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