The Power of a Simple Thank You Note

Email and text messages may have replaced most postal mail, but a handwritten thank you note conveys a feeling of thoughtfulness, appreciation, and care.

The Power of a Simple Thank You Note

There was a time when cards and handwritten messages were more widely popular than an email template and e-signature. While convenience may have triumphed, handwritten letters still convey a feeling of thoughtfulness, appreciation, and care. And I guarantee you remember the last handwritten thank you note you received.

A personalized touch makes all the difference, especially in our oftentimes impersonal  corporate world. Don’t underestimate the power of a thoughtfully composed thank-you note.

I’m happy to say that I have been sending thank you notes for over ten years and real, handwritten Christmas cards for over twenty. I am no longer surprised when friends and colleagues call to say how pleased they were to receive such notes. And just recently a business owner confessed, “Your note really made me and my business feel that I mattered to you”. Clearly people notice when you take the time and effort to write a personal message, stamp it, and mail it.

So in the age of electronics it seems that the best (and perhaps easiest) way to stand out to your customers, clients, colleagues and contractors is through the humble thank you note. You and your thoughtful thank you note could be posted on someone’s desk and remembered for a long time.

Summer is a good time to start writing. Here are some of my favorites cards that I made for clients:

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