Constructive Pessimism

Constructive Pessimism: to anticipate problems you have to be willing to acknowledge their possibility and look for them. Many entrepreneurs who are naturally optimistic make a serious mistake in discouraging pessimistic thinking instead of putting it to good use. The clever utilization of constructive pessimism is one of the keys [...]

Choosing the Right Targets and Metrics

The targets that founders set for a startup, and the metrics they choose to measure their progress toward these targets, are key decisions in the definition of the business. The wrong targets–in particular selecting only targets that are easily achievable–will not only postpone difficult choices that will bring clarity but [...]

Getting More Customers Workshop April 23, 2016

We are offering our “Getting More Customers” workshop 9:00am-1:30pm on Sat-Apr-23-16. Spend a morning working on your business with a mix of lecture, discussion with peer entrepreneurs, and reflection and writing. You will leave with a plan for getting the phone to ring and your inbox to fill with inquiries. [...]

Newsletter: Retrospectives, Post Mortems, and After Action Reviews

SKMurphy December 2015  Newsletter This blog post summarizes our December newsletter, you can subscribe to the monthly SKMurphy newsletter using the form at the right Retrospectives, Post Mortems, and After Action Reviews The end of year is always a good time to look back and assess what you have accomplished and [...]

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Don’t Let LinkedIn Become a Time Sink

LinkedIn allows you to post a professional profile and accept professional recommendations, and perform searches of the professional profiles of others you are considering doing business with. But with groups and posts it aspires to host content and be your first stop every morning. The risk is that it can [...]

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