Benefits of SKMurphy Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

An SKMurphy Mastermind Group is an ongoing series of facilitated conversations among serious entrepreneurs. It enables collaboration on problems and opportunities and fosters joint accountability around effective ongoing action. […]

Scott Swaaley, Founder & CEO of MAKESafe Tools on SKMurphy’s Mastermind Group

Scott Swaaley: “The SKMurphy mastermind group has been my most consistently useful source of feedback and advice. Everyone knows my history, they have a broad swath of experience, and they help to keep me focused, productive, and moving in the right direction.” […]

Jeff Allison Bio

Jeff Allison - Program Manager Jeff has 30 years of experience in the high technology computing and networking industries. He has held various roles in Hardware Engineering, Marketing and Engineering management. He has a proven track record of developing high power cross functional teams to solve complex engineering issues and [...]

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Candis J Lipe

Candis Lipe - Event Manager & Executive Assistant Candis owns and operates, a service company that provides onsite or offsite contract administrative support. Her business is dedicated to helping individuals, entrepreneurs start-ups and small businesses get the office support needed without adding additional resources. Candis brings 25 years’ experience [...]

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Larry Burgess-bio

Larry Burgess, PhD Dr. Burgess has several decades of experience in the wireless field. He possesses a combination of knowledge in adaptive signal processing, antenna design, smart antennas, radio links, transmitter/receiver design, radar, direction finding, and power amplifier linearization. He has worked in design, test, product development, and customer applications [...]

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Sean Murphy Bio

Sean Murphy has worked in a variety of roles in the last twenty-five years: software engineer, engineering manager, project manager, business development, product marketing, and customer support. Companies he has worked directly for include Cisco Systems, 3Com, AMD, MMC Networks, and VLSI Technology. He has a BS in Mathematical Sciences [...]

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David Telleen-Lawton Bio

David Telleen-Lawton - Sales Executive & Lean Expert David learned in the late 1980s the value of “getting out of the building” and bringing your team along with you. Both as a consultant and a early employee, David has worked with startup companies across the spectrum from hardware to software [...]

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David Telleen-Lawton Offers Value Proposition Workshop to Danish Startups

Innovation Center Denmark invites David Telleen-Lawton to present his Lean Canvas & Value Proposition Workshops to their top startup companies. This series of workshops is part of the Danish government’s globalization strategy with the objective to turn Denmark into a leading knowledge based economy. Lean Canvas Workshop included: Why do [...]

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Theresa Shafer Bio

Theresa Shafer - Program Manager Theresa has been with SKMurphy since 2003. She was a hardware design engineer at 3COM, AMD and MMI. Theresa also brings experience with budgeting, financial reporting, program management, and market analysis. She is a lead generation and Wordpress expert. She has authored an award winning [...]

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Anthony Scampavia Bio

Anthony has been with SKMurphy since 2007, he provides consulting around a lightweight product development model that is appropriate for startups, In addition he focuses on reviewing and defining product release and test strategies as well as developing test and development sandbox environments for automated regressions and system level testing. [...]

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Going Solo or Partnering Panel: Stanford E-Conference

Today I attended the 2007  Entrepreneurship Conference at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. One session that I truly enjoyed and found very informative was the "Going Solo or Partnering" Panel. Going Solo or Partnering Panel: Stanford E-Conference Below are three questions and answers I believe capture the importance of developing [...]

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