Benefits of SKMurphy Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

An SKMurphy Mastermind Group is an ongoing series of facilitated conversations among serious entrepreneurs. It enables collaboration on problems and opportunities and fosters joint accountability around effective ongoing action.

Benefits of SKMurphy Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

“A mastermind group is an ongoing serious conversation among entrepreneurs.

It offers a chance to pause and reflect,
to frame the challenges you are facing,
and to gather other perspectives and lessons learned.

It enables collaboration with other entrepreneurs on problems and opportunities
and fosters joint accountability around effective ongoing action

There is an African Proverb ‘If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.’

Entrepreneurs in a mastermind group are running their own businesses,
but use the group as an informal advisory board.
SKMurphy acts as peer facilitators and scribes.
Our model is record to remember, pause to reflect.

A mastermind is a self-help group going through new experiences.
As anyone who is running a business knows,
it’s one new insurmountable opportunity after another.”

Sean Murphy on benefits of SKMurphy Mastermind for entrepreneurs.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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Three Final Observations

  • A mastermind enables you to take action by gaining new insights and perspectives.
  • It’s with entrepreneurs you get to know, so you can factor that context into their advice and your questions are based on what you already know about their business, so you get to the heart of a matter quickly.
  • It’s a funny thing: when you hear another entrepreneur describe a challenge, or you help another entrepreneur with a situation, you often gain new insights on your own startup.

SKMurphy Mastermind: Peer Advisory Board

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