Bootstrapper Breakfast This Friday

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steaming hot coffee and serious conversationI ran into an entrepreneur last night after the IEEE-CNSV “Service Economy” event who had been to a Bootstrapper Breakfast but had had to shut down his business. He asked me “I don’t have much to say right now but I get a lot out of the breakfasts, can I still come?”I said “Certainly. Not everyone who comes brings an issue every time. But I am certain that you will be able to offer other entrepreneurs insights on their issues.  And you will be doing a new startup at some point, you may find a partner or a team you can join that will benefit from your experience and expertise.”

OK, it might have been a longer conversation and I may not have been as cogent, but the thought was there. We have one seat left for our Bootstrapper Breakfast™ 7:30 at Hobee’s in Palo Alto on Friday: please register if you plan to attend, we will have to turn you away if we are full and you have not registered.

We are running four breakfasts a month now, if this Friday isn’t convenient or gets full, consider another:

Update: we are now full for Friday’s breakfast in Palo Alto, please join us at another breakfast in May.

Three Software Startup News Aggregators: Hacker News, Techmeme, Alltop

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Here are three startup feeds that I use at last weekly (I am skmurphy on Hackers News and may check there two or three times a day) that represent three different models to generate a stream of topical links for folks in software startups.

What are your favorite sites for tracking news and developments related to software startups and entrepreneurship?

Update Nov-24: Two folks wrote in to suggest two free services for tracking EDA startup news

Both of these services are free and don’t require a registration to access.

2 Disruptive Trends: Open Source & SaaS

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Last night, I attended the SDForum Business Intelligence SIG. The guest speaker was Barry Klawans, CTO of JasperSoft who spoke on 2 Disruptive Trends: Open Source & SaaS. From Barry’s talk I learned:

  • The advantages vs. disadvantages of SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • The similarities between SaaS and Open Source
  • How to leverage open source to build SaaS applications

By definition, Software as a service (SaaS) is a model of software delivery where the software company provides maintenance, daily technical operation, and support for the software provided to their client. SaaS is a model of software delivery rather than a market segment. (wikipedia)

Barry defined the key characteristics of a SaaS application as:

  • Hosted multi tenanted system
  • Highly scalable in that it offers the ability to leverage the market. 
  • Integrated solutions
  • Metadata driven for customization
  • Web services based API’s

Some of the advantages of SaaS are that it allows you to integrate separate data sources into a hosted data warehouse. SaaS also allows you to protect your intellectual property because the customer is paying for the service and never sees the source code to determine how the result is generated. Some of the disadvantages of SaaS include; islands of data geographically spread out, thus making it difficult to track, security concerns around web hosted services, and currently most applications are being built as stand alone apps, not as services.

Barry saw several similarities between SaaS and open source:

  • Both are about community. In order to keep their communities happy, organizations are forced to be responsive. These organizations can then leverage their communities expertise and abilities through peer review.
  • Both open source and SaaS applications are constantly updated with frequent software release cycles.
  • Both are highly customizable with potential for explosive growth and scalability. In fact, open source is a great way to build a SaaS infrastructure.

Because open source has so much depth from large community based support it is a cheap and effective way to build a SaaS infrastructure. There are many mature open source projects that have been detailed, API tested, and provide suites for service layers. Open source is easy to integrate and allows users to create user-generated software content through either incremental individual effort, or collaboration.

Making Our Business More Credible in 2006

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We did an end of year de-briefing session an concluded that that the following changes had a things that had a positive effect on our business in 2006.

“The right way to build a company is to experiment in lots of small ways, so that you have plenty of room to make mistakes and change strategies.”
Vinod Khosla quoted in “What Does Vinod Khosla Know About Web 2.0 That Others Don’t?

As an old friend used to say “easy to say, very hard to do.” What experiments are you running this year to improve the credibility of your business?

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