Three Software Startup News Aggregators: Hacker News, Techmeme, Alltop

Here are three startup feeds that I use at last weekly (I am skmurphy on Hackers News and may check there two or three times a day) that represent three different models to generate a stream of topical links for folks in software startups. Hacker News Techmeme Alltop [...]

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2 Disruptive Trends: Open Source & SaaS

Last night, I attended the SDForum Business Intelligence SIG. The guest speaker was Barry Klawans, CTO of JasperSoft who spoke on 2 Disruptive Trends: Open Source & SaaS. From Barry's talk I learned: The advantages vs. disadvantages of SaaS (Software as a Service) The similarities between SaaS and Open Source [...]

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Making Our Business More Credible in 2006

We did an end of year de-briefing session an concluded that that the following changes had a things that had a positive effect on our business in 2006. Adding a logo to Business Cards Backgrounder (now in about SKMurphy, Inc. page) Improving Our Website Blogging LinkedIn Contacts Bootstrapper's Breakfast "12 Books [...]

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