Mike Krupit on Network Density and Fluidity

In the video below, Mike Krupit, founder of Trajectify, shares some interesting insights on  density and fluidity your network.

Mike Krupit on Network Density and Fluidity

An edited transcript for readers:

Mike Krupit on the importance of your network

The other thing I will say is having a network. When we’re starting a business, we’re often really heads down. It is the worst place to be when we’re starting a business. We should be working on our network, not just a network of investors, but a network of partners and a network of people in our market. And whether it’s in specific industry channels, LinkedIn channels, Slack systems, or Reddit threads, wherever you are, wherever your community is, you need to be part of the community. And maybe that’s local as well. Maybe that means buying someone a cup of coffee.

I got someone about a half hour from me who emailed me for my insight on something, and I said, “You know, I’d rather make this a discussion. Are you available on such and such a date to grab a cup of coffee?” And I know that’s a luxury because we don’t often have that time, but what we’re doing here is creating opportunities for collision. So things are stagnant when we go quiet. When we’re not communicating, we don’t make any movement. But finding people who are willing to work with us and engaging them in a conversation about working with us comes when there’s vibrancy.

And so you think of an ecosystem. What are a couple of things that are great for an ecosystem? It’s density and its collisions. So there needs to be fluidity in an ecosystem so that things collide. I’m getting a little bit theoretical about it. Still, my recommendations are that you’re trying to create tactics that give you density, put you in contact with people, and create fluidity and movement so that collisions can happen.

More about Mike Krupit

Mike Krupit is the founder of Trajectify, helping executives, entrepreneurs and companies achieve their growth objectives and develop opportunities. Beginning as an engineer, he grew from CTO to COO to CEO as he developed his strong sense of leadership. He is the veteran of eight diverse startups, both East and West Coast, and has been a fixture in the booms and busts of the last 35 years.

Since 2013 he has focused on coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners. He has helped many executives move from corporate to self-employment and has also coached other who wished to experience strong growth within the corporate sector. He speaks to diverse audience on subjects related to change, leadership and business growth.

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