Adding a Little Pizzazz to our SKMurphy Logo

A retrospective on earlier versions of our SKMurphy logo as well as some new ones we are experimenting with, for video, metal sculpture, and nameplates.

Adding a Little Pizzazz to our SKMurphy Logo

We added a little pizzazz to our logo. But our signature brand and commitment to high quality are still the same!

We plan to use this as a intro or outro for new videos that we develop.

Evolving Our Logo for Other Uses
Version Use
SKMurphy logo Our first professionally developed logo (after we stopped using a Comic Sans text treatment):

SKMurphy, Inc.

Metal sculpture SKMurphy logo Plans for a platinum sculpture in our new headquarters were postponed when the Philosopher’s Stone we purchased second hand was only able to transmute base metals into gold, not platinum, silver, or titanium
Tesla nameplate SKMurphy logo This was designed for a custom name plate on the new corporate Tesla whose acquisition has been postponed by recent developments in the cryptocurrency markets.

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  • The video treatment was done by this artist
  • The “silver and black” metal sculpture and “red and black” Tesla nameplate were derived by Theresa Shafer from the Logo Company version.
  • We used The Logo Company for the original logo.

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