Why You Need A Logo

Q: What are logos good for?

An image is processed by a different part of the brain than a word or phrase, making it both memorable and evocative in ways that are distinct from the name of your company. Having a logo for your company or product makes it more memorable and allows you to suggest connotations that can be put into words.

I have put together a table of a couple of icons or logos that we used and the word or phrase that the replaced. The first version of the SKMurphy logo was just a text treatment as was the first version of the Bootstrapper Breakfast. You can judge for yourself if adding some simple artwork changed your opinion of what each represents.

SKMurphy logo vs.


Bootstrapper Breakfast logo vs.


Business Book Club ICON vs.

Book Club For
Business Impact

Mastermind Groups vs.


Your Name Is More Important Than Your Logo

“Your name is your primary weapon in the battle for the mind.”
Al Ries and Jack Trout in “Positioning

While a both a name and a logo can both evoke emotional connotation, it’s your name that is normally spread by word of mouth–or “word of mouse” in an email or on-line posting–so you have to take care that people can find your company or your product if they only here it pronounced. One of my first jobs was as the 13th employee at Silvar-Lisco in 1982:  I quickly learned to spell the name out completely when leaving messages, but  even then it was problematic. When I was first hired I was taught to  explain that Silvar-Lisco originated from the merger of Silicon Valley Research (Silvar) and Leuven Industrial Software Company (Lisco) but quickly realized that nobody cared about our origin, only about what we could do for them. And for that the name was of no help.

Outsourcing Logo Development

We prefer the TheLogoCompany and have also used LogoWorks and been very pleased with the results. they have a good article about colors. Others have been very happy with 99Designs.

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