Joseph A Murphy 1925-2007, 7 Years On

Further Reflections on My Father Some further reflections on my relationship with my father seven years after his death. “I understood that the man I was calling for could never ever come back. Because I understood that the man that I was calling for was dead.” Anne Lamott in “Traveling [...]

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Do I Need To Be A Supplicant In a Sales Call?

Q: In your blog post “Four Presentation Traps to Avoid” (which drew on Mike Monteiro’s “13 Ways Designers Screw Up a Client Presentation” which I found overall to be very valuable) you highlighted his item 4  “Not setting the stage properly” which ends with “Start the meeting by thanking them for their [...]

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Four Presentation Traps to Avoid

Mike Monteiro offered “13 Ways Designers Screw Up a Client Presentation–And One Weird Trick” in a Sep-13-2014 blog post: many of these are also applicable to entrepreneurs making presentations to prospects. The whole article is worth reading, here are my top four presentation traps to avoid from his list (I [...]

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Entrepreneurs Focus On Customers Not Startup Mechanics

Excerpts from Paul Grahams’ October 2014 essay “Before the Startup” with commentary interspersed. This essay is in some ways less self-confident than many of his earlier ones. He seems to recognize more explicitly the limits of his ability to offer advice that entrepreneurs in the Y Combinator portfolio–or entrepreneurs applying [...]

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