Mike Silverman 1964-2014

Mike Silverman passed away Sep-13-2014 after a 14 month battle with cancer. He was an entrepreneur with tremendous energy and integrity. I will miss him. He founded Ops A La Carte in 2002 and built it up to a training, testing, and consulting organization providing work for dozens of experienced reliability [...]

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Verdafero Partners with IBM

The following announcement went out this morning: ARMONK, N.Y – 25 Sep 2014: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Verdafero, a San Francisco-based utility analytics startup, has selected IBM Cloud to power its utility analytics platform, allowing customers to reduce their energy, water or waste consumption by up to 30 [...]

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An MVP is Finished Only After You Have Early Adopters

Javid Jamae (@JavidJamae) is a Principal Engineer at Tout, where he heads up the experimentation and growth efforts; he leads a team focused on growing the viewership for both local and nationally syndicated content. Javid authored this great guest post on finding early adopters through customer interviews before building a minimum viable [...]

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Diving In Over Your Head

One of the hallmarks of the entrepreneurial journey is diving in over your head. At some point you have to commit fully to a new venture and at a later point you realize that, despite all of your careful preparation, you are testing the depth of water with both feet–or [...]

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Q: What Are Critical Tasks In A Startup?

Q: What is the target allocation for each of these critical tasks in a successful startup? Here is my list of critical tasks in a startup and a percentage allocation: Planning 10% Execution 50%  Ideation 20%  Talking to Potential Customers 15%  Recruiting 5% What Is The Real Decision? Can you clarify : At what stage [...]

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Entrepreneurial Mindset: Create Value For Others

Creating value for others is the core of the entrepreneurial mindset. It enables the exchange of value that fuels entrepreneur’s efforts to bring new ideas and products to market. Dan Sullivan: Entrepreneurs Make Two Decisions In “The Great Crossover,” Dan Sullivan offers the following insight on entrepreneurial mindset: Successful entrepreneurs differ [...]

Tristan Kromer on Testing Customer and Value Hypotheses

These are excerpts from  Episode 9 of Outlier on Air: Tristan Kromer, A Lean Approach to Business.  They are in the same sequence the took place in the interview but a number of stories and asides have been omitted to focus on what I felt were some extremely valuable insights from Tristan [...]

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