Busyness Won’t Build Your Business

Busyness won't build your business, it closes off your creativity and your luck. Anticipate, or at least acknowledge, missed deadlines and commitments: triage or re-negotiate. Busyness I recently wrote a friend to ask if he wanted to do something this week, and he answered that he didn’t have a lot [...]

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Entrepreneurs Blend Passion and Prudent Risk Taking

Successful entrepreneurs are fueled by a passion to change the world tempered by prudent risk taking. Many risks have to be managed on an ongoing basis cannot be eliminated once and for by careful planning or the achievement of a particular milestone: managing cash flow and the risk of a [...]

Customer Interviews: Spend an Hour to Save a Minute

For customer interviews we have a rule of thumb that if an hour or research saves a minute early in the conversation it’s a good investment.  When you look at the list of questions you have prepared to learn about the prospect’s business and their needs, it’s easy to say [...]

Minimum Viable Product: Enthusiastically Proceed Skeptically

In a candid discussion about the challenges of managing your own expectations for a minimum viable product (MVP), Tristan Kromer observed, "It's psychologically hard to enthusiastically proceed with skepticism." And that is the challenge, we have to be enthusiastic about our product ideas to persevere to complete them and tell others about [...]

Chris Yonge on 3D Printing: Past, Present, Future

The following is a guest post by Max Murphy, a mechanical engineering student who is interested in the implications of  3D printing or positive manufacturing for  mechanical design, its synergies with animation, and potential for fostering new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Max is an intern at DreamWorks and returns to his sophomore [...]

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Q: How Do I Calculate Business Model Parameters For A Novel Product

Q: How can I go about calculating  Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC),  Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and other business model parameters for a technology that I will use to attack an entirely new market with no historical data? While there may be "new markets with no historical data" there are no new [...]

An Entrepreneur Is A Change Agent

I like this 2009 video by Grasshopper "Entrepreneurs Can Change The World" that portrays the entrepreneur as a change agent and celebrates the freedom and economic opportunities that America has traditionally offered immigrants. Here is the transcript from the Grasshopper site with some observations interspersed Do you remember when you [...]

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David Binetti On The Mind of the Entrepreneur

In the mind of the entrepreneur the future is obvious and imminent. This  "reality distortion field" can be useful for making a better future possible, but it inclines the entrepreneur to minimize adoption risk--people will see the benefits of my product immediately and adopt it--and to be impatient. Customer development techniques [...]

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