Ilya Semin on “Bootstrapping DataNyze to $1M/ARR” Sep-5-2014 in Palo Alto

Ilya Semin, founder of Datanyze, joins us at the Palo Alto Bootstrapper Breakfast 7:30am on Fri-Sep-5-2014 at Hobees in Palo Alto. Ilya will share what he learned bootstrapping Datanyze to $1M+ ARR and 9 employees. DataNyze provides competitive intelligence for Web analytics, Widgets, CDN, DNS, and related firms. It can answer questions like [...]

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John Foster McKenna 1990-2014

John Foster McKenna: December 4, 1990 - August 8, 2014 "Man that is born of a woman has but a short time to live, and is full of misery. He comes up, and is cut down, like a flower; he flees as it were a shadow, and never continues in [...]

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Q: How to Apply Lean Innovation Methods To Regulated Industries

Q: My research focused on the assessment of atherosclerosis in coronary arteries using  Computed Tomography examinations as the imaging modality. I have looked at various aspects of atherosclerosis such as volume scores, automatic extraction of anatomical structures, plaque detection, dual energy CT and plaque distribution patterns. I am new to the [...]

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A Conversation With Tristan Kromer on B2B vs. B2C Customer Acquisition Challenges

Direct download from Here is a rough transcript of the first five minutes or so to give you a flavor, I think you will find it interesting if you are wrestling with customer development or customer validation in an early market: Sean: I am sitting here today with Tristan [...]

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Sidney Brenner: The Trouble with American Science

Elizabeth Denzig published an interview with Sidney Brenner in February or 2014 in “King’s Review” entitled “How Academia and Publishing are Destroying Scientific Innovation: A Conversation with Sydney Brenner” I think there are a number of lessons–or in several cases cautions–for selling to scientists. […]

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Start With a List of Customers and Problems That Build on Your Experience and Relationships

"Start building network, blog, educating 1 year before you make the leap. Build community. The first sales will always be to friends. Make those friends." Conor Neill in "Entrepreneur: Start a year before you Start" I think Conor Neill offers this is a great framing for the need to identify the [...]

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