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3D Printing Tradeoffs and Optimization

There are four areas where tradeoffs are commonly made in 3D printing: conventional and additive manufacturing processes additive manufacturing processes 3D printer selection different parameter settings in a 3D printer’s build process The most common design goals considered for 3D printing tradeoffs are strength, speed of printing, minimum feature resolution, and [...]

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3d Printing IP Issues

One good way to make predictions about the future of a new technology is to examine the paths that similar technologies have taken historically and use them to draw likely trajectories. As Mark Twain observed, “History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme.” New technologies solve existing problems in [...]

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3D printer combinations

3D printing’s first impact was in the prototype sector of the manufacturing process. 3D printing will not replace traditional (“subtractive”) manufacturing methods, but rather 3D printing technology will be combined with pre-existing machines.  There are currently five machines that are most likely going to be the future of 3D printer combinations. [...]

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3D Printing: The Next Best Thing But Not Yet

3D printing is overhyped and its implications are not well understood. It will be twenty plus years before there is a 3D printer in most homes due to limitations of the cost of the machine, material, obtaining software and learning how to use the software. Other fundamentally problem that prevent 3D [...]

Chris Yonge on 3D Printing: Past, Present, Future

The following is a guest post by Max Murphy, a mechanical engineering student who is interested in the implications of  3D printing or positive manufacturing for  mechanical design, its synergies with animation, and potential for fostering new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Max is an intern at DreamWorks and returns to his sophomore [...]

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