David Morse: Tips To Add Graphics and Video To A Blog

David Morse left a detailed comment today on my Sep-26-2014 blog post “Lessons Learned Blogging 1400 Posts in 8 Years” that I thought I would promote to a guest post that offers some practical tips about how to add graphics and video to a blog. Here is his bio on B2BSalesVP:

David Morse helps startup founders and sales teams achieve revenue nirvana. He is President of consulting firm B2BSalesVP and CEO of SaaS company Kindoo which is like a private YouTube for sales teams and sales training and development.

Tips For Adding Graphics and Video To a Blog

Sean: first of all, I’m a big fan of your blog and the service you provide to entrepreneurs. Your writing especially is high signal to noise. I’m really grateful that you do it.  I’d like to offer some tips for adding graphics and video to a blog.


I’ve learned with my video software company that some topics are better suited to video.

  • Anything where you are modeling behavior that others later mimic (e.g., handling a common objection) is good for video.
  • Video can also help explain a complicated concept by building pictures one step at a time.
  • It’s also good for storytelling.
  • Video can also be useful to step people through a process where they stop the video and go do something then come back to the video, stop it again and do something else. Ash Maurya does a nice job with his email course on the Lean Canvas.
  • Don’t be intimidated by video production. You can do a lot with your iPhone and some basic equipment. There are a couple of blog posts at http://blog.getkindoo.com/category/video/ that can help you. Your first 3 videos will suck but after that you will be fine.


  • Consider sketching graphics on a piece of paper, scanning it (or taking a picture with your phone) and then just use your computer’s basic image manager to resize. You don’t even need to know photoshop. You’re using WordPress, so you should be able to insert them easily.
  • Or just do a sketch, and send it to a graphics person on ODesk in 30 minutes at $5-10/hour you could have something that looks really good. Since you post a lot, I bet you could find one person who could regularly do it for you.

Good Ideas Still Required

Your ideas are so high quality I personally don’t think your blog suffers from lack of videos or images but data says that images on posts increase views

Keep up the great work. Here’s to another 8 years!

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