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Quotes for Entrepreneurs–November 2014

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in Quotes

A collection of quotes of interest and use to entrepreneurs: these quotes for entrepreneurs were identified in November 2014. You can follow @skmurphy to get these quotes for entrepreneurs hot off the mojo wire or wait until they are collected in a blog post at the end of each month. Enter your E-mail address if you would like have new blog posts sent to you.

Thanksgiving 2014

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in Events

We did something different for Thanksgiving 2014: we held a Bootstrapper’s Potluck and hosted a dinner for a dozen people or so with our family.

Thanksgiving 2014: Bootstrapper’s Potluck

It was a chance for my sons to meet some real entrepreneurs and give folks who were new to the area or far from family a nice Thanksgiving. We supplied the turkey and some sides and folks brought many flavors of  pie, miso soup, raw vegetables, wine, hors d’oeuvres, jambalaya, sausage and cheddar fondue, and rice.  There was enough left over that everyone was able to leave with one or two meals (or a pie) for the weekend, such is the miracle of a potluck.

It was an experiment but we enjoyed it and everyone who came had a good time. I was contacted by a number of folks who could not make it who were delighted we had done it even if they could not make it. Just like a regular Bootstrapper Breakfast we pushed a number of tables together to make a single large table, but unlike a breakfast over the course of five hours there were many overlapping conversations as well as some common ones from time to time. Aside from facilitating introductions for new arrivals I let the conversations flow where they may.

I got a text from an entrepreneur in his early 30’s that he was headed to a big family gathering and he was sorry he couldn’t attend. I texted back (I know I text like an old guy): “the bootstrappers potluck thanksgiving is probably no more uncomfortable than nestling in the bosom of a large family but I cannot express how happy I am to have my sons home; I am sure your relatives feel the same way about you.”

I am grateful for my health, my family, my friends, and the opportunities I have been given. I am also thankful for the folks who read this blog and who have left comments, or written me, or spoken to me about something I have written.  I will end from a quote from a Thanksgiving 2007 post by Seth Godin:

Every time you read something I write here, you’re giving me a gift… attention. It’s getting more precious all the time, you have more choices every day, and it’s harder and harder to find the time. I know. I’m grateful. I’m doing my best to make your attention worth it.

So, have a great Thanksgiving. And thanks.

Seth Godin in “Thanks

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Customer Interviews: How To Organize Findings

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in Audio, Consulting Business, skmurphy

I sat down with Bruce La Fetra of La Fetra Consulting for a conversation on customer interviews. We compared notes on qualitative conversations versus quantitative surveys and exchanged tips and tricks. Bruce presented some great insights on how to organize findings and how to take best advantage of insights gleaned from interviews.

What follows is an edited transcript with some hyperlinks for clarity.

Preventing & Managing Challenging Customer Situations

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in Consulting Business, skmurphy

Here are my notes from tonight’s Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA) meeting on “Handling Difficult Client Scenarios in an Agile and Effective Manner.” It was a candid discussion among primarily experienced consultants about real situations that were challenging–and frequently painful. Several good suggestions for preventing and managing challenging customer situations:

Managing Sales People

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in Sales, skmurphy

Q: I work at a SaaS company in the services team, we often  team often finds that customers mistakenly believe that:

  1. Certain features are included in the product package they bought.
  2. Certain services projects are included in the services package they bought.

What are some ways to prevent this from happening?

Managing sales people is straightforward: you get what you reward.

Crafting a Value Proposition

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Q: I struggle with the value proposition for our product. Either I am too abstract “we offer a positive return on time invested” or too vague “help increase your ability to manage critical challenges.” Do you have any suggestions for how to frame or formulate a value proposition?

Here a few questions that a value proposition normally addresses

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