Good Content Answers Real Questions

Q: How do you develop good content for blog posts and newsletters on a regular basis?

One rule of thumb for sources of good content for an e-mail newsletter is to revise something that you have already written that would be appropriate for your target audience.

Good Content Answers Real Questions

Some examples:

  • A question you have already answered in an e-mail to a prospect or a customer, perhaps edited to make it more general and less tied to the particular situation but still useful.
  • A comment you have left on another blog post.
  • A comment or post you have left in a forum or newsgroup that is relevant for prospects or customers.
  • A blog post you have written. Here you might want to provide a summary and point to the full post depending upon length.

In general I would try to find three uses for your answers to frequently asked questions, case studies, and other stories or content your target audience would find useful. For me personally I find it more energizing to answer a real question from an e-mail or forum posting or leave a substantive comment on a blog post I found insightful and then refine that for use in a blog, FAQ, and newsletter.

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