Giacomo Vacca On Human Cell Analysis at CNSV Nov-4-2014

Kinetic River Orange LogoThe IEEE Consulting Network of Silicon Valley continues its tradition of inviting world class experts on leading edge technologies  to speak at their monthly meetings. On Tue-Nov-4-2014, Giacomo Vacca of Kinetic River will provide an overview on how flow cytometers enable a wide range of “Human Cell Analysis.

“Sean has been a pleasure to work with. His understanding of business issues faced by startups is very rich. Likewise, he has a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks to share with you in response to a business, customer, or marketing problem. His insights have been very valuable; his perspective has challenged my original thinking in ways that resulted in new solutions being identified. I highly recommend working with him.” Giacomo Vacca, Kinetic River

My work on BeamWise has allowed me to collaborate with Dr. Vacca, where he is the Chief Scientific Officer–in addition to his work as founder of Kinetic River. He has taught me quite a bit about laser -based instrumentation, biophotonics, and life science research in the last two years. He has the ability to organize information about complex topics and present it in a clear and concise manner that blends words and diagrams/pictures in a compelling synthesis. If you have time on Tue-Nov-4 drop by the IEEE-CNSV meeting and get an education on an important topic.

Human Cell Analysis

Program Description for Human Cell Analysis: The Technology Behind the World’s Most Common Diagnostic Test

Cell analysis is a bit like the air we breathe: nobody thinks about it much, but try taking it away and people take rapid notice. Without cell analysis, it would be impossible to perform blood counting – a routine diagnostic test performed about 300 million times a year worldwide.

Each of us has about 6 quarts of blood, which contains some 10^11 white blood cells, 10^12 platelets, and 10^14 red blood cells. Tweak any of them by some percentage points and you get serious disease—anemia and leukemia just to name the best-known ones. Accurate counting and identification of the different kinds of cells in blood is therefore critical to distinguishing between illness and health.

Counting and analyzing blood and other types of cells is a ubiquitous and extremely important aspect of both health care and biomedical research. This talk will explain how cell analysis is done today, and outline innovations on the horizon that will revolutionize how it will be done tomorrow.

Speaker:Giacomo Vacca, Kinetic River Corp.
Giacomo Vacca, PhD, is an award-winning physicist and inventor with 17 years of experience in commercial R&D. He has been responsible for several 510(k) product launches, and is the inventor of 28 patents – both issued and pending. His expertise includes optical design, microfluidics and digital signal processing. He is the founder of Kinetic River, a biophotonics design and product development company with a mission to create innovative tools for life science research and biomedical diagnostics

Slides From Talk

The slides have been posted at CNSV-1410-Vacca 


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