BeamWise Demo at BIOS Conference 2014

Here is the extended booth demo we developed for BeamWise at the BIOS Conference 2014.

The three use cases that seemed to be of the most interest to folks who dropped by the booth:

  • System level design exploration of mechanical and optical layout options both for research teams designing new equipment, instrument manufacturers, and support teams at component companies (e.g. laser and filter manufacturers)  who work with customer designing their component into new equipment.
  • Component catalog providers who wanted to enable rapid exploration of component options in a system context.
  • Other design automation tool vendors with complementary offerings for detailed mechanical modeling or optical simulation.

I  had not really appreciated how large, varied, and complex optical systems had become and the number of distinct industries–e.g. communications, medical, industrial processing–where they were applied. One engineer who had experience in both electrical and optical design characterized BeamWise as a “schematic capture tool at a system level for rapid prototyping of optical systems” which I think is as good a description as any.

Building on more than two decades of production deployments of design++ based systems gives us an advantage in terms of the scale of the rule sets–e.g. thousands to tens of thousands of rules–we can manage. In other industries design++ applications have been integrated with specialized simulation applications, both internal and commercially available and often support libraries of thousands of components. I think we will be able to incorporate these same extensions into BeamWise as appropriate for optical and biophotonic systems.

I have blogged about BeamWise™ in

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