Building a Business Requires Building Trust

One of the hallmarks for success in a business-to-business market is the ability to form personal relationships as well as professional business relationships. Both require building trust. I am always dismayed when I read advice that advocates bait and switch or other forms of con games that erode trust and [...]

Office Hours: Schedule Time To Walk Around Your MVP

Looking for advice on lead generation or closing deals?  Consider scheduling "office hours" to walk around your current sales process or a particular opportunity you are trying to close. SKMurphy functions as a startup advisor to help you understand the process of building a business. We understand the challenges of selecting an [...]

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Video from Lean Innovation 101 Talk at SF Bay ACM Nov-20-2013

The video from my "What is Lean--Lean Innovation 101" talk is up: Here is the description for the talk "Lean" provides a scientific approach for creating a product and developing new businesses. Teams can iteratively building products or services to meet the needs of early customers by adopting a combination [...]

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