Make the Transition to Sales: Two Workshops For Entrepreneurs in March

I think the most difficult challenge in sales is maintaining an appropriate perspective and emotional distance from deals: balancing fear, greed, and frustration to maintain empathy and a clear understanding of business objectives. Some of the technologies employed in the sales process are changing rapidly but they impact the tactics, [...]

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Q: Resources For A Lean Approach to Sales, In Particular New Product Introduction

Q: We have started selling and are looking for resources for a lean approach to sales, in particular for new product introduction. Lean Approach To Sales at Lean Startup Conference 2012 Scott Sambucci and I presented a workshop at Lean Startup 2012 on "Engineering Your Sales Process." The deck is [...]

Improve Your Sales Pitch

Peter Cohan from Second Derivative offers some of the best sales demo/pitch training and hands-on learning that we have seen. So we are honored to offer these interactive workshops to startups. Here is the upcoming schedule: March 5&6, 2014 “Great Demo!” San Jose, CA May 21&22, 2014 “Great Demo!” San [...]

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Getting More Customers Workshop on March 25, 2014

Let's face it, finding customers can be quite a challenge. In this interactive workshop, we will cover a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business: attendees will select one or two that fit their style and develop a plan to implement them in their business in the next [...]

Content Creation for Thought Leadership and Lead Generation

SKMurphy develops highly relevant and valuable content to attract, engage, and acquire customers. We help our clients organize and clearly articulate their experiences and insights in ways that generate inquires. We develop an editorial calendar that  complements SEO strategy and ecosystem partner relationships. We always consider audio, video, and animation [...]

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Leonard Smith 1927-2014

I didn’t know Leonard Smith but I was forwarded a link by John McKenna two days ago to his obituary (originally published in GreenwichTime on Jan. 26, 2014) and I thought it captured the essential personality of people who bring change to organizations in trouble and often start new ones. […]

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