We have been using wikis in our practice since 2004 and recently have starting using realtime shared document edit tools. Would like to compare notes on usage if you are interested.

Are You Using Realtime Shared Document Edit Tools? Let’s Compare Notes

We have been using PrimaryPad, an EtherPad derivative,  in our practice for about two years. The MVP Clinics I have done with John Smith rely on it for real time interaction with the audience. This is a parallel approach to conference call plus chat or conference call plus chat plus wiki in that the realtime shared edit (like EtherPad or GoogleDocs) avoids the “I go, you go” needed for write access to a wiki.

Here are the four MVP Clinics I have done with John Smith:

If you are using it in your practice I would like to schedule a phone call or skype call to compare notes.  If you are aware of a forum or an E-mail list for users, not developers, please leave a comment. with any suggestions.

I am very interested in talking with other folks in sales or business development who are using EtherPad or shared edit documents as part of negotiation planning, during negotiation, and de-brief. i find it more useful than text chat because it supports more complex structures. I use it both with prospects I am negotiating with and other team members during concalls, webinars, etc..

I welcome any suggestions for places I can compare notes and exchange ideas on techniques for notational shorthand, methods and conventions  for four or five people in the same conversation to document it in parallel, and other lessons learned from people using it in their business (vs. teaching or tutoring).

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