Founder Story: Steve DiBartolomeo of Artwork Conversion Software

Steve DiBartolomeo is co-founder of Artwork Conversion Software, Inc., an EDA software firm headquartered  in Santa Cruz CA with a development office in Manhattan Beach, CA. Founded in 1989, the company develops CAD translation programs, CAD viewers, plotting software and IC packaging software.  Artwork has over 5000 customers worldwide including [...]

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Five Serious Financial Mistakes Bootstrappers Can Avoid

Five  serious but avoidable financial mistakes we hear from time to time at a Bootstrapper Breakfast: Mistake: using credit cards to finance your startup. Fix: Pay cash, trade favors, barter, go without, but don't let your monthly balance roll over and accumulate. Mistake: not having a stopping rule for when you [...]

Tools for Finding a Physical Workspace: Deskwanted, LiquidSpace, Loosecubes, OpenDesks

If you are looking to rent a desk or conference room by the hour, day, week or month here are four tools you can use to search. All of them cover Silicon Valley and other metropolitan regions as well Deskwanted LiquidSpace Loosecubes OpenDesks Updated: Also consider Evenues and Cloud Virtual [...]

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New Firms in Silicon Valley

Companies names have sure changed in the last year or so. I was noticing today how many signs outside of office buildings seem to be branch offices for these firms: Move In Now First Month Free Your Name Here Available for Lease Space for Rent Here are two directories that [...]

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First Office: Arwen Funk, Real Estate Broker

In earlier interviews Frank Bailey and Ed Correia each recommended using a broker as the most effective approach to finding an office. So I called Arwen Funk, a commercial and residential broker, to get some background. Arwen pointed out some potential land mines in leasing contracts such as property tax [...]

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John Holton of Symphony Consulting on Business Incubators

Following up on my "Silicon Valley Incubators" post in the "First Office" series I wanted to get a tenant's perspective on the the advantages and drawbacks of locating in a business incubator. Symphony Consulting is a manufacturing outsourcing, procurement, and supply chain consulting firm that helps original equipment manufacturers and [...]

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