Hacker Dojo Relocates To 599 Fairchild in Mountain View

Hacker Dojo announced today that they are moving to a new home at 599 Fairchild Drive in Mountain View from their problematic location at 140A South Whisman Road in Mountain View.

Hacker Dojo has found a new home, just 5 minutes away from our current location. The new building is bigger, better, and we’re excited to open this new chapter of Dojo history. We are making our existing spaces available for lease.

We signed a lease on Monday, October 15, 2012, but there is a 10-day window whereby the master landlord must approve the deal. It may take until October 25th to know if the deal is guaranteed.

If the master landlord approves them as a tenant it will open a new chapter for the co-working and hacker community. center. We have been very happy with GroundFloorSV and the Pacific Business Centers in Cupertino and Sunnyvale for the majority of our meetings, but the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem will definitely benefit from Hacker Dojo’s continued operation and new startups would benefit from a few more co-working facilities in the South Bay.


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